ICC Educational Foundation scholarships give people a chance to reach their goal of a higher education, a successful career and a new life! To many students, these scholarships mean everything. Although many scholarships are based on financial need, others are based on academic excellence, specific areas of student interests and ethnic or family background. When you support a scholarship at ICC, you can feel confident you are investing in our community’s future, as more than 80% of our students remain in central Illinois to live and work.

Make a donation to the Seize the Time Scholarship in Honor of Mark Clark

The scholarship was established in February 2021 with generous support from:

  • Gloria Clark Jackson
  • Joshua Finnell
  • Matt Domico
  • Joe Grabenstetter
  • Steve Peterson
  • Erika Haedicke
  • Terron Pratt
  • Anne Valente
  • Sam Irving
  • Stephen Craig
  • Angie Finnell-French
  • Tom Campobasso
  • Shelby Montangue